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This group is created to for members interested in networking with Small & Medium Enterprises (SME). There will be four possible categories of interests:-

1) People interested in doing business with SME
2) People interested in SME products or services
3) SME interested in business networking
4) SME interested in offering products or services to people

We would really like to create a community that can help connect SMEs globally. The number of successful connections between businesses will of course depends on the size of this group.

Please Help Us Spread the Word in 3 Simple Steps:-
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Welcome to The SME Connection™ (SMEC) - Beta Testing Phase

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2) Engage in discussions by visiting the Forum.

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4) Share your expertise by submitting an article to the Blog.

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Introduce Yourself!

New to SME Connection? Introduce yourself to other SME Connection members: What business are you in? What products and services you offer? Which countries are your business operating?

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The Marketplace

Got a special deal for our SME Connection members? Pitch your deal here at The Marketplace!

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The Water Cooler

A virtual Water Cooler for you to hang out and talk about anything under the sun (and everything that doesn't fit into any other categories)!

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Help to Improve The SME Connection™

Tell us how can we make this a better place for SME owners :)

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Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight!

Being an entrepreneur has its perks: No one to BOSS you around, you decide when to work, where to work, how much to work...Best of all, PASSIVE INCOME in the long run once you have invested enough sweat, tears and blood equity in your empire.

The tough part is really going through all that sweat, tears and blood part.

And that's what separates REAL entrepreneurs from wannabes.

The wannabe falls down and gives up.

The entrepreneur...

falls down,… Continue

Posted by Willy Lim on July 10, 2011 at 10:52pm

Feng Shui Fairy Tales and Myths

Some Feng Shui Fairy Tales and Myths:

* One needs to be a Taoist, Buddhist, or Atheist.

* One needs to invoke the spirits and/or worship idols.

* One needs to place religious symbols / idols.…


Posted by Sanna Holistic House on September 23, 2010 at 4:12pm

Complementary Healthcare Systems: Holistic Diagnostics and Healing

There was a memorable quote in a controversial science-fiction TV series, “It is not about Fate versus Freedom. It is about Fate AND Freedom!"

In our line of work we utilize astrology tools to help our clients chart their life trends. Some of our counterparts prefer to use the term "Fate Calculation Tools", which we always avoid using because it sounds fatalistic. We prefer the term "Life-Trends Profiling and… Continue

Posted by Sanna Holistic House on September 17, 2010 at 5:57pm

Why Singapore? Taxes, taxes, taxes!

lobalization’s effects can be felt everywhere. Gone are the days where people needed to hop on planes to attended business meetings, and gone are the days where managers needed to be physically present to manage their teams. Today companies can move their doors to foreign and more profitable places where labor is cheaper, taxes are lower, and property has more value.

We at HireLabs have become big fans of Singapore, which is on its way to becoming the epicenter of the technological… Continue

Posted by Saleem Qureshi on May 24, 2010 at 6:42pm

Why Singapore: Work Ethics and Government

To understand how a nation runs or what it would be like to work with the people of a country, a close examination of its work ethics and morals is important and when it comes to a business considering a venture in a certain country, these traits and characteristics become even more important to comprehend. Many people tend to overlook this work ethics of a place and this may ultimately lead to their downfall.

In order to be successful, anywhere, the owners of a business must keep their… Continue

Posted by Saleem Qureshi on May 17, 2010 at 3:28pm


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